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Why You Should Love Chamber Media – Review from Mr. Cool

A Chamber Media Review From Mr. Cool

MRCOOL is one of Chamber Media’s greatest success stories. Because of our prime creative combined with kickass ad strategy, they have seen exponential growth many companies don’t ever see. It is a partnership that continues to this very day.

Why You Should Love Chamber Media

12:1 Blended ROI

You may have already heard of a little company called Chamber Media. Perhaps you’ve been scoping out our five-star reviews or you’ve been watching our revenue-generating videos. You may have also been stalking our founder Travis Chambers’ on social media. If any of that brought you here, then welcome. If not, let us know how you found us.

One of the biggest successes Chamber Media has ever had was with a client called MRCOOL. Their DIY brand is one of biggest case studies to date, and it helped put us on the map.

MRCOOL is a do-it-yourself AC unit that takes 6 to 7 hours to install. The installation process includes drilling a hole in a wall and making electrical connections. To the layperson, this sounds intimidating! You would think it would be impossible to sell, but Chamber Media found a way.

Based on their product and the extensive research Chamber Media did on it, we decided that our Anchor video and layering strategy would do wonders for them. MRCOOL was ready to grow and wanted to scale, so we continuously made them anchor videos. This enabled MRCOOL to further scale their ad spend in a way that normal 5-15 second video ad creatives could not accomplish. Every anchor video we made, MRCOOL continued to grow.

“From the social media growth alone we would call this campaign a success,” says Kyle Davis, the director of marketing at Mr. Cool. “And that doesn’t even include sales numbers.”

Saying this campaign was “successful” is an understatement. MRCOOL got the biggest results we have ever seen. We took the company to 167 MILLION! This ultimately 17’xd their business. All this was generated purely on the social ads Chamber Media created for them, no other outside marketing.

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Chamber Media

1. Our Anchor Videos

Anytime you have a product that requires explanation — regardless of how much it costs — having a longer video is nothing short of advantageous. Plus, the bigger the spectacle, the longer the creative can last. The anchor video is what we are known for at Chamber Media. Our videos are known for being engaging, entertaining, and memorable.

2. Data Centered

We are driven by both data AND expertise. We have years of experience knowing what works and what helps convert. Before we do anything with your account, we take a deep dive into your business, researching what audiences, value propositions, and delivery would be most effective for you.

3. High-Quality Film Production

We consider every nuance to bring the highest production value for whatever budget you have, even if they are really tight. We assemble the best production teams in the business, so even our smallest package brings you high-quality results.

Need climate control too?

Get in touch with us and let us help you stay cool while we get your ads blazing hot.