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Why You Should Love Chamber Media – Reviews From Our Employees

If you drive just thirty minutes south of Salt Lake City, you will reach an ever growing tech hub known as Silicon Slopes. Here, you will find the next big marketing agency to look out for, Chamber Media.

Chamber Media is a social advertising agency with a proven track record of helping companies increase their revenue. The company specializes in long-form video content backed by data and expert ad buying.

Chamber Media is owned by Travis Chambers and Stefan Van De Graaff, and it employs over 100 people. All of them work tirelessly to bring their clients the best, highest converting content money can buy.

Unbeatable Environment

Chamber Media is composed of creatives and ad buyers. They each bring something to the table. Creatives bring their brilliance and innovation and ad buyers bring the data that helps mold the content into what it should be. This brings about a culture of collaboration that is perfect for nurturing creativity.

This level of synergy has brought about miracles for clients. Chamber Media employees helped bring Mr. Cool from $10 million to over $100 million in one year and Transparent Labs from $2 Million to over $24 million in 2 years.

So what is it like to work at a place like this?

Creative Lead Adam Conte says stepping into Chamber Media headquarters is a lot like going to yoga class for the first time – you feel intimidated at first, but then after a minute, you get into the groove.

When Chamber employees are not working on world class videos and iron clad ad strategies, you can find them rocking out to music at the end of every workday, Monday through Thursday. They turn on the speakers, figure out what music to play, and chill out with their coworkers as they finish up their daily projects.

“I had to be at Chamber because it’s an environment where you are surrounded by dedicated and talented people,” says Ellie Campbell, Director of Advertising at Chamber Media. “That’s what I like to surround myself with.”

Check out more Chamber Media reviews from employees and the work-life balance that Chamber Media creates.

Why You Should Love Chamber Media - Reviews From Our Employees

Time Off

Chamber Media is known for its work-life balance. Every worker is given unlimited paid time off, but they don’t really need it. They have THREE DAY WEEKENDS. Employees work Monday through Thursday from 9 to 6. That is ten hour days instead of 8 hours, but Fridays are completely off.

This really is a game changer for some people as they start working with Chamber Media. Some say they feel refreshed after having a longer weekend to spend time with their friends and family.

But wait, there’s more. Along with the four-day work week, Chamber Media offers a 2 week Christmas Vacation! That’s not two weeks you can “possibly” take off – that’s two weeks of mandatory vacation. Say goodbye to hoping you can get a few days off around the holidays.

All of this combines into a culture where we work hard and play hard.

Cutting Edge

Chamber Media has a proven track record of delivering highly successful digital advertising campaigns! We strive to deliver exceptional results for our amazing clients (you might recognize some of them), mostly through the use of data-driven creative, extremely fun video shoots, and technical ad buying.

Here at Chamber Media we aren’t your typical agency– we’re always on the cutting edge of innovation and want to employ others who are poised to be thought leaders in the space. So if you’re talented, hungry, and want to make a dent in the world, you’ll fit right in. Come be part of the Chamber Family– let’s blow up the internet together!

Other Great Benefits

Be On Set

If you haven’t got a taste of the type of hilarious videos we create, go check them out now! Employees get opportunities to be on set for some of the largest brands in the country. Occasionally, Chamber employees even star in them! Basically you get mad flexing power over your friends and family that you have been in a commercial. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Company Retreats

Chamber Media offers company retreats for all, last year Chamber Media and their families stayed at Zermatt Hotel in Midway, Utah in July of 2020. They participated in activities including; zip lines, boat riding, ATV/off roading, company dinner, and swimming in the crater.

Health Insurance Benefits

Who loves free health insurance? I know we do. Chamber Media gives it’s employees 100% Health Insurance Premium covered! As if working at Chamber wasn’t cool enough.

5 pm Music Sesh

Chamber employees work hard and play hard. That includes listening to their favorite music every day from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. If you’re lucky, you might even get to witness a dance battle.

What are you waiting for? Start your career today and join our team of creative geniuses at Chamber Media. Check out our socials like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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