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6 Ways to Make Unboxing Video Ads

Everyone loves unboxing videos– it’s so exciting to get something new and unwrap a new package! Unboxing videos help a potential consumer experience what it would be like to receive your product, and it also adds a layer of prestige to your product while you highlight the packaging. Unboxing videos shouldn’t be complicated.

A couple rules of thumb that right off the bat will help you improve any unboxing video.

  • Always use captions with dialogue. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Having captions will keep people watching without turning on their sound.
  • Word animation. If you want someone to follow the message, visually make them follow the message. Adding slight animations to your text (fade ins/outs, words sliding onto/off frame) will create a much more interesting visual than a big paragraph of information on your video. Use word animations for the selling features of the product.
  • Have a CTA (call-to-action) somewhere in the messaging. People like to be told what to do in advertising. Telling someone “Order today!” “Start the trial now!” “Click now!” will result in more conversions.

1. UGC (User Generated Content)

This method shows genuine reactions which breeds trust in consumers. There are pros and cons to using footage that customers have filmed– A couple things you have to check are the sound quality and the lighting. If you’re paying someone to do a UGC unboxing video, make sure to send them a couple tips on how to make the product look as best as it can. Using familiar instagram story texts, boomerangs, and stickers can elevate your unboxing. If you add music to collaboration of clips, then make sure you dub to dialogue! Don’t overpower the dialogue with music.

4 5 PipTestimonial

2. Overhead Table Unboxing

This method of unboxing overlaps with UGC, but with only the hands and box on the table. This shows off packaging style so if you have clever packaging, then this option might be best. This can be UGC or professionally set up.

1x1 PipSamplerUnboxing

3. Stop-Motion Unboxing

This shows the box opening without hands. The product will seemingly move on its own and will demonstrate the usage/specialty. Stop motion is visually interesting and can give product personality/humor while hitting on the selling points of product.

SQ Stopmotion Unboxing

4. Delivery Unboxing

This method begins with showing the package on a doorstep. Usually without any dialogue, someone brings it inside and then opens the box. This can show excitement of the package being delivered/left on the porch. Again, it can be on table/lap/couch but the video should cut to close ups of product/over-the-shoulder. Usually no dialogue is needed but be sure to choose good music to match.

SQ 25 Unboxing OrderToday

5. Demo

This is your time to explain any confusion with your product. If there’s anything that’s not blatantly obvious, you need to show it. (ex: how to set it up, what you use it for, and any results that you promise with the product.) This can show it coming out of the box (ex: mattress coming out of the box and then straight to the bed frame), or not if it doesn’t improve the video. You can use UGC demo or set up professionally. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Demonstrate the product, but don’t waste the viewer’s time. You want to give as much visual information in as little time as possible.

brighter salesMessaging

6. Lifestyle Unboxing

Develop specific aesthetic for your product. If you’re a premium brand, then you want to connect with those who would identify with that lifestyle. You need people who fit the demographic to do the unboxing. (An obvious example– If you make hats for heavy duty workers, then you wouldn’t use a teenage girl to unbox the hat.) In this unboxing, you want the “unboxer” to talk about the redeeming qualities of the product. This is ultimately who the viewer will trust and if they don’t connect with them, then they won’t connect to your brand/product/sell.

In the end, you want to create the unboxing video that best represents your brand and product. Make sure to watch your conversions because there’s always a sweet spot with creative content. Funneling in on what works is key because some products just sell better when displayed in a certain way and it’s not always what you would think.