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If You Want 5 Performing Ads, Make 20

The trick to creating high-performing social ads is best summarized in two words– Test and Iterate.

Believe it or not, the performance of an ad doesn’t just come down to your product. Even finding your target audience isn’t enough– little things like CTA’s, hooks, and headlines can the overall performance of an ad.

If you want to have 5 performing ads, you have to create multiple more versions of the ad for testing– that way you know which ads will run profitably. Once you find the winning ads, you can feel confident putting spend behind them.

Below are 3 tips and tricks to help you maximize the testing phase of your ads:

  • Test as many variations as you can. Even with data and research, you still never know when you’re going to strike unexpected gold.
  • In the beginning, start really broad (broad message testing). When you find your messages that are getting traction, take those messages and tweak the specifics. Iterations of the same message that involve slightly different CTA’s, hooks, jokes, and sales messaging can end up having very different results.

  • With A/B testing, it’s important to change only one thing between the two variations that are being tested against each other. (That way you know what the winning element is and can implement it in future ads.)