What are Scalable Social Videos?

It's a strategy we've developed that uses shareable video to drive millions of dollars in trackable sales. Call it the modern infomercial, viral advertising, or commercials for the interwebs, if it involves large-scale video that people actually want to watch while boosting your bottom line, we do it. 


Social Media Influencers

Want to use influencers to grow your business? We've worked with hundreds of them for dozens of brands. We are masters of integrating influencers creatively into campaigns to ensure you reach your key audiences. Scroll to see some examples.

Social Media Advertising

If content is king, then distribution is the beloved queen. We are experts at placing content on social channels that reach target audiences more accurately than anywhere else. If driving sales on social media is your need, then we're your team.

Our Clients


We can’t afford broad tv advertising to acquire customers, we needed to hack digital media to acquire customers at the lowest cost possible, and that’s why I decided to hire Chamber.Media with that strategy, and it’s working better than even I anticipated...This modern infomercial approach is enabling us large return with much lower initial risk than usual. It’s so scalable, as we get more sales, we re-invest into the ad spend and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger every day since launch...Since launch, our revenue has gone up 1,000% and is literally doubling every few days, and now we’re trending towards 8 figure sales next year, it doesn’t get any better than that.
— - Evelyn Chen, Founder, NERD Skincare
It’s been my experience that 90% of consultants aren’t that good at all. They often over promise and under deliver, that’s not the case with team at Chamber.
...the Chamber team have never let me down. They’ve always done what they said they would do, exuding great follow through and communication all along the way. I would highly recommend them.
— Chris Baker, Co-Founder, Saygus
“Hands down the most impactful campaign in 2015. Bar none.”
— Anthony Reeves, CMO at 2XU
We had this crazy idea to include an YouTube influencer in a film shoot we were having, and we re-scripted the story with that in mind. Trouble is, the shoot was in a few days and we had nobody. Travis worked the phones night and day and helped us make an incredible partnership in the nick of time. The guy truly does have the magic touch when it comes to making social sing.
— Brad Hall, Associate Creative Director, Yahoo
Travis and his team were great to work with. From conception, to production, to distribution we were impressed with his work ethic, ideas, and innovative approach in helping us reach our campaign and brand goals. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking his services.
— Jeremy Nef, Global Social Director, Icon Fitness



Studio Rental

  • 24 hour rental $250/day
  • 35' x 25' (16' tall) green screen
  • 2 stages
  • ceiling racks
  • 15' 2 set track
  • Studio is 3,000 sq ft
  • Kitchenette/fridge/microwave/
  • wardrobe room
  • makeup room
  • bathroom
  • big ladders
  • fold out tables
  • fold out chairs
  • 20 apple boxes
  • Fair sound treatment
  • 16' insulated double garage doors

For booking contact Travis Su'a at or 310.707.6102

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Is a scalable social video right for your brand?


Shooting January 24-25 • American Fork, UT

Online Commercial


Spokesman - MALE

  • 28+

  • Great Smile

  • High energy

  • Handsome

  • Charismatic

Thomas Jefferson

  • Thomas Jefferson look-alike 

In order to apply for the part, send a picture of yourself and some basic information to with your name as the subject line.