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Why You Should Love Chamber Media – Review from LensDirect

A Chamber Media Review from our Client LensDirect

LensDirect is an online retailer that takes care of all things optical. This family run business carries not only one of the biggest selection of name-brand glasses, contacts, and sunglasses, but also has the option to ship the same day – making them an online favorite.

Our Partnership

When LensDirect came to us, their main goal for the year was to increase brand awareness through social media advertising. LensDirect carries a variety of optical needs like BluDefend glasses and even prescription sunglasses. However, they primarily wanted to build awareness about their AutoRefill contact subscription and also touch on their replacement lens service.

Since they wanted to cover multiple products and offerings, they moved forward with a custom package revolving around our MVP Program. Each month they received a handful of unique videos and graphics to use on any social media platform. Every phase of content was based off of performance data from the audience and other ads – ensuring that the creative was perfect for their demographic.

Ad Performance

The first month we delivered six videos and six corresponding graphics that they ran on their Facebook account. LensDirect reported a 6% increase in ad revenue compared to the previous quarter and saw a drop in overall cost per click (CPC).

Not only that, but the Chamber Media ads immediately saw a higher click through rate (CTR) compared to previous ads. They also started to see higher view through rates (VTR) on the new content. This kiddie-pool inspired video saw a 75%+ view through rate alone.

Why You Should Love Chamber Media - Review from LensDirect

Chamber Media Review

Working alongside Ryan Alovis and his team was a dream – they trusted our creative team which led to a truly collaborative partnership. And on top of that the ads worked perfectly for their purpose of bringing in new customers and highlighting different aspects of their company.

This is what Ryan Alovis, the CEO of LensDirect, had to say about the success of the ads, “Chamber Media has helped us go from $1Mil to $4Mil in revenue, absolutely crazy!”

Hear Ryan Alovis’ full testimonial below:

Hear What LensDirect Thinks Of Chamber Media

To see is to believe

Still not convinced? Get in touch with us and see for yourself what Chamber.Media can do for you!