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3 Steps to Knowing What Ads to Make

Outside of making a prospecting video or some low funnel ads, brands can struggle with zeroing in on what type of ads to make and what do address. So we are going to be sharing some of the tips and tricks we use to make sure we engage and convert.

1. Map out your sales messages

When making video ads you want to create a path of discovery for the consumer. Once they hear about you and your product they want to know more. Give them content that answers questions and reinforces your claims. Try thinking about the who, what, why, and how and where of your product. Make content that explains why you are different. Why is your product superior? Is it locally sourced or made in the U.S.? Is it made with sustainable resources? Does it have new technology? All of these are examples of extra touch points that fulfill a human desire to know more and therefore feel more comfortable making a purchase.

2. Pair your messages with purposeful content 

Once you know what message you want to convey, they think about the different ad types that will communicate your message most effectively. Examples of types of videos would be: Side by Side comparisons, Unboxings, Product Demonstration, Spokesperson Explainer, Testimonials, Lifestyle videos, and Illustrations. Pairing message with purposeful content is a great way to see more effectiveness out of your ads and also allows you to mix and match intent with type to continually experiment and improve.

3. Turn to feedback

Lastly, an obvious but often overlooked place to look for ad ideas is the comments section of your previous videos or an FAQ page. Learn what consumers are most curious about regarding your product and explain that further. If you are getting a lot of engagement from a certain aspect of your video, duplicate that. Viewers will give you instant feedback, listen to it, and let it guide you in your next step.


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