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How to Add Teasers to Video Ads to Increase Watch Time

Placing a teaser at the beginning of your creative is the easiest way to increase watch time. Just think back to a couple ads that stood out to you last week. Was there been an insta story that you tapped back to just to see how it turned out? These creatives are important and not very difficult to achieve. Start out with a couple of these teasers to take your creative to the next level.

ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response)

ASMR can work wonders. No matter what product you’re selling, people are going to want to watch an ad that’s considered “satisfying” to watch. High end brands will dish out loads of money to motion designers that can create an interesting visual with their product.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this in-depth. Creating a satisfying ad can be as easy as placing a “pop” sound effect when words/items come on the screen. Never underestimate a good “pop”.


Billie razors catches the viewer’s attention by showing the somewhat “taboo” image of women having… hairy armpits.

People will want to stop and process what is actually being shown. Break the barriers down a little bit without going too far. Audience’s will appreciate the honest & humorous approach to what you’re selling.

Teaser Frame

There are always new ways to make your social ads stand out more than “the other guys”. Having a “teaser” frame is a sure way to generate memorable creative assets. Start the video with one frame of someone appreciating the effectiveness of the product. (Start with finished product from makeup, then cut back to makeup being applied.) The audience will anticipate the ending because they know the outcome and that usually means that they’ll watch the whole ad.