What are Scalable Social Videos?

It's a strategy we've developed that uses shareable video to drive millions of dollars in trackable sales. Call it the modern infomercial, viral advertising, or commercials for the interwebs, if it involves large-scale video that people actually want to watch while boosting your bottom line, we do it. Learn more below.

NERD Skincare

ASK: Drive trackable sales with a shareable, informational video

STRATEGY: Integrate a top Facebook influencer as the spokeswoman & develop robust sales funnels on Facebook.

RESULTS: 2.7 Million Facebook views and counting, $60K trackable sales in the first week, featured in Adweek and Right This Minute, 6 thousand+ social shares



ASK: Create a high-funnel branding video to drive app installs

STRATEGY: Capture the social aspect and simplicity of going to a game with Gametime, integrate influencers is actors for organic reach

RESULTS: 200% ROI and over 4 Million Facebook views



ASK: Give the NordicTrack brand deeper emotional meaning

STRATEGY: Show 50 people (mostly influencers) dancing on treadmills to challenge the notion that treadmills are drudgery

RESULTS: $3.5 Million in trackable sales, 150+ press features, 4 Million views, 70 thousand shares, and the act was featured on America's Got Talent for an extra 8 Million prime-time viewers



ASK: Raise $1M through crowd funding

STRATEGY: Use a top Tech influencer as spokesperson, scalable ad spend with reinvestment, 25 influencer integrations, E3 VIP launch party

RESULTS: $1.3M raised, 3rd highest campaign traffic in IndieGoGo history, 80 press features




ASK: Showcase the advantages of in-home fitness

STRATEGY: Use a spokesperson and a series of influencers to poke fun at gym stereotypes

RESULTS: $2M+ in trackable sales, 1.3 Million views, 30 thousand social shares


Turkish Airlines

ASK: Create the most viral ad of all time

STRATEGY: Center concept around the "Selfie," 650 YouTube integrations, 15 celebrity integrations, outreach to 8,000 press editors in their native language

RESULTS: 145 Million views, 1.5 Million social shares, 2 thousand press features, YouTube's "Most Viral Ad of the Decade"